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MetabolicMD Summer BBQ – Tuesday, 8/16/22 6:30 PM Join Dr. Paul and the MetabolicMD team for a low carb BBQ, meet and greet, and low key get together with lots of good food, great company and incredible information about our weight loss and metabolic health program. Everyone is invited, and please bring a guest! We will be having a raffle for a FREE 2 Week Trial to any prospective new patients, as well as goody bags for everyone who attends! This event is hosted by Coach Rhett at his gym, Altered Gym, at 93 Compark Drive, Centerville OH 45459. Please click here to register 

“Reduce Your Middle In Middle Age: How To Take Inches Off Your Waist By Reducing Visceral Fat In Your 40s, 50s And Beyond” – Thursday, 03/03/2022 6:30 PM VIRTUAL WEBINAR – Join Dr. Paul and Tess, a 53-year-old female who has lost 48 pounds in her first 5 months of a modified low carb diet utilizing a continuous glucose monitor in the MetabolicMD Program. During this time, in addition to her appointments with Dr. Paul, she has also been working with Rebecca, the Metabolic MD Health Coach. Her BMI has gone from 31.6 to 23.7. Tess also has lowered her HgbA1C from 5.9 to 5.5, effectively reversing her prediabetes. All attendees will receive an instant $50 savings coupon to use in the MetabolicMD Program! Click Here To Register

“Continuous Glucose Monitoring For Weight Loss” – Tuesday, 02/01/2022 6:00 PM – VIRTUAL Webinar – Join Dr. Paul and Kirsten, a new mother and MetabolicMD patient who recently lost 40 pounds. In addition to weight loss, Kirsten was able to eliminate GERD, and has vastly improved energy and remarkably better sleep since joining the MetabolicMD Program. All participants will receive an instant savings coupon for the MetabolicMD Program. This event is free, no-obligation, and will have a question and answer portion at the end. Click here to register.

“Optimizing Metabolic Health 101” – Tuesday, 01/11/2022 – A beginners guide to learning the fundamentals of optimal health and how to avoid, prevent and reverse the most common age-related medical conditions – Click here to register

 “Low Carb Ladies Night” – Date TBD, please inquire if interested – An evening for all ladies following or interested in the low carb lifestyle. Hosted at MetabolicMD in Vandalia, OH, PA- Krista, Bekah, and Stevie will have low-carb h’or deaurves, drinks, and discuss the impact of a low carb lifestyle for women.

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