Continuous Glucose Monitoring For Weight Loss and Optimal Metabolic Health

Have a minute to spare? Watch here to learn about the MetabolicMD program and how it can help assist your overall health goals. Whether you wish to lose weight, prevent and reverse disease, or simply optimize your health, our innovative program utilizing continuous glucose monitoring will help you meet, maintain and exceed your personal wellness goals. 

Are you a good candidate for continuous glucose monitoring? Our patients typically come to us when they:

  • Want to lose weight, and keep it off
  • Need to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides (reverse Metabolic Syndrome)
  • Have Prediabetes, or type 2 diabetes
  • Want to stop taking medications, such as insulin and statins
  • Suffer from depression, stress, anxiety and have low energy levels
  • Have brain fog, poor concentration, or memory loss

Our synergistic, multifaceted program addresses the underlying issues which complicate these chronic medical conditions generally associated with aging. The truth is, getting older does NOT mean you must simply deal with these issues. Working on your metabolic health now means that you can realistically avoid these complications altogether.

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