Applying A Continuous Glucose Monitor Is Simple and Painless. 

We’re often asked if applying a continuous glucose monitor is painful or complicated. The answer is NO! The application process takes around 30 seconds. The Freestyle Libre comes pre-assembled in the box, along with an alcohol wipe. We recommend the use of Sticky-Tac to help the monitor stay in place prior to application, as well as bandage made specifically for the Freestyle Libre to keep secure. Your monitor should stay put without the use of these extras, however we have learned through trial and error that sometimes they can pop off, so these 2 little extra steps may save you a from a headache later. In the event your Freestyle Libre does pop off, call the Abbott hotline (the manufacturer) and they will provide a replacement (overnighted!) free of charge. Once applied, it will take 1 hour for your sensor to activate and provide readings straight to your smartphone. Your sensor will last for 14 days.

How To Apply An Abbott Freestyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitor:

During your first appointment, you will receive a complimentary Freestyle Libre CGM, and we will show you how to apply it in office, as well as send you off with plenty of Sticky-Tac and bandage covers.

Freestyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitor

The data obtained through the use of continuous glucose monitoring is the most valuable information one can gain to understand how diet, exercise, stress, and sleep affect your day to day life; all it takes is a quick scan to your phone. The Libreview app is simple to use, and allows our physicians and nutrition coaches to monitor your trends in order to make recommended changes based on your unique set of needs.

Libreview App Steady Blood Glucose

Knowing your blood glucose level in real time allows you to make the conscience decisions on what to eat, and when to eat. The data above shows balanced blood sugar within appropriate range. Keeping your glucose like this will help you lose weight and prevent and reverse chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. When your blood sugar remains balanced and in range, you will experience the benefits of optimal health, such as increased energy, better quality sleep, better cognitive function, better memory and mental clarity, stress relief, better skin, increased libido.. the benefits of a balanced blood sugar are endless.

We enjoyed this patient account of her first “a-ha!” moment after starting her CGM regarding “The Blood Sugar Rollercoaster”- can you relate?

Blood Sugar Rollercoaster

“Once I applied the sensor, I was instantly hooked on bettering my health. I quickly became aware it was my diet that was not only affecting day to day life, but the quality of my life. For years I have blamed (and internally justified!) my weight gain, low energy and subpar overall mental health on my stressful career and busy family life. I’ll never forget the experience I had shortly after leaving Dr. Pauls office. At the appointment, Dr. Paul and Melanie applied my first CGM and showed me how to use the app, scan it and understand what the numbers meant. When I was leaving I could feel my typical afternoon crash coming along, so I did what I always did and stopped for a coffee. While waiting in line, I was finally able to do my first scan- 66! I was shocked to see my blood sugar so low (however I must admit it was something I had previously never thought of). So I did what Dr. Paul and Melanie recommended during the 2 week learning trial – eat as you normally would – so I ordered a blueberry muffin along with my coffee, because obviously I needed to eat. Once I had my coffee and muffin, I felt again like my “normal” self again with a little energy left to make it through the rest of my day. I scanned my CGM- 146! At that moment, it hit me – my poor eating habits were causing the highs and lows I experienced on a daily basis. I never understood this concept previously, but the “Blood Sugar Rollercoaster” was explained to me in great detail at that appointment and it definitely made sense to me. A mere 2 hours later, I realized I have been living on the blood sugar rollercoaster for a LONG time. Seeing those numbers, that spike, and feeling the way I felt at that time (as I felt every single day) was liberating; it was enough for me to immediately take control and make a commitment to change the things I could – what to eat, when I eat, and how to eat an appropriate ratio of macronutrients when I did choose to indulge in a carbohydrate or 2. I knew I wasn’t supposed to change my eating habits much over the trial period, however I just could not help myself, so I called Dr. Paul and asked him if I could get started on my changes right away. I told him I felt it would be impossible for me to ignore this data, and he laughed and said “I get this call often; you’re not alone. Let’s go for it.” Within days, I felt like a different person. And it was so much easier than I thought it would be.”  Pamela, 36, Indiana

To learn more about getting started on a continuous glucose monitor, start a live chat with us or click here to request a free consultation with Melanie, our nutrition coach or call/text 937-800-4CGM.