MetabolicMD offers a mini consultation at no cost to interested individuals. This 15-minute consultation is provided by a MetabolicMD Support Specialist via a secure telemedicine internet link or by telephone (your preference). At this time, due to state health care provider licensing laws, this service is only available to residents of Ohio and Indiana (Other states to be added soon). All information provided by you is provided with the assurance of strict confidentiality on the part of MetabolicMD. There is no commitment by you to obtain services from MetabolicMD as a result of receiving this consultation.

You must be 18 or older to participate in this no cost consultation. If you are diabetic, or have heart or kidney disease, we ask that you please consult your private physician for nutritional advice as an alternative to this consultation. All information provided by you is reviewed by our Certified Nutrition Coach with the assurance of strict confidentiality. There is no commitment by you to obtain CGM weight loss services from MetabolicMD as a result of receiving this consultation.


As part of this consultation, our MetabolicMD Support Specialist will discuss with you:

  • Your Current Weight and BMI
  • Health Conditions You Have That May Impact Your Weight Loss Efforts
  • Review of Any Recent Laboratory Results Pertinent to your Weight Loss Goals & Nutrition Plan (If you have any results available.)
  • Your Weight Loss Goals
  • Your Past Experiences with Diets or Weight Loss Programs
  • Brief Discussion of Diet Macronutrients: Simple Carbs, Complex Carbs, Fiber, Protein, Saturated Fat, Unsaturated Fat
  • Recommended General Percentage Daily Dietary Intake of Each of These Categories of Macronutrients
  • Instructions on Estimating Your Carbohydrate Intake (includes phone app recommendation)
  • A Brief Review of Low Carbohydrate Diet Options (Keto to Low Glycemic)
  • Best Likely Diet Options for You to Achieve Successful Weight Loss
  • An estimate of Best Initial Daily Carbohydrate Intake for You

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Our Ohio office is located just a few miles from Interstate Routes #71 & #75 in Vandalia, Ohio. Our second office in Richmond, Indiana is just minutes off Interstate Route #70.

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