The CGM Weight Loss Program Offered by MetabolicMD

MetabolicMD is a medical weight loss and metabolic health physician practice that utilizes the revolutionary technology of Continuous Glucose Monitoring. We provide our CGM weight loss program to patients in Ohio and Indiana on-site in our offices, or through a secure telemedicine connection. Our weight loss patients initially receive medical services as part of their two-week trial program, which includes a complimentary Continuous Glucose Monitor. Many then choose to continue to receive comprehensive care until they reach their weight loss and health goals. Here’s a closer look at our CGM weight loss program.

Our CGM Weight Loss Program

CGM Weight Loss Patient Health Goals

Patients utilizing our program have one or more of the following health goals:

  • Weight loss
  • Reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Lowering cholesterol and triglycerides (improving their lipid profile)
  • Eliminating hypertension
  • Reversing pre-diabetes
  • Putting diabetes in remission (eliminating the need for diabetic medications)
  • Improving energy levels and mental clarity

What our on going CGM Weight Loss Program Includes

  • Initial and ongoing (monthly or more frequent) physician visits
  • Weekly Certified Nutrition Coach Visits (usually by telemedicine)
  • Structured, comprehensive low carbohydrate dietary guidance and monitoring
  • Ongoing CGM use and access to our blood glucose data management platform
  • Daily Continuous Glucose Monitoring by our staff
  • Selected periodic laboratory testing (including insulin testing with calculation of insulin resistance levels)
  • Continuous reassessment of program progress to reach patient program goals

Why Our CGM Weight Loss Program Works

Knowing your blood glucose on a continuous basis provides exceptional low carb diet guidance. The constant feedback of a CGM provides the user the knowledge and power to keep blood glucose at a level necessary to burn fat and lose weight.

CGM use allows the user to replace blood glucose with fatty acids as the body’s primary fuel source. Fat stores, especially those in the midsection of the body, are reduced when fatty acids in the blood (instead of glucose) become the body’s primary energy fuel source. Our program is physician-supervised, nutritionist-supported, and individualized for you.


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