Reverse Diabetes and Pre-diabetes, Lower Cholesterol, Reduce Fatigue, and Improve Metabolic Health with a CGM Diet


About our Medical Weight Loss Practice

What is MetabolicMD?

MetabolicMD is a physician-led medical weight loss practice providing weight loss and metabolic health services. Dr. Paul Kolodzik, MD, FACEP, FASAM and the MetabolicMD team provide services to patients throughout Ohio and Indiana. Areas served include Dayton, Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Bloomington, Fort Wayne, South Bend, and the Gary/Merrillville area. For patients residing a distance from our Dayton, Ohio and Richmond, Indiana offices, we offer private, secure, HIPAA compliant telemedicine services.

By supporting low carbohydrate diet options, we help patients in Ohio and Indiana lose weight and eliminate a variety of weight-related health conditions. MetabolicMD utilizes the new and revolutionary medical technology of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) to guarantee that program-compliant patients lose weight. This technologically-advanced, data driven diet approach is augmented by the guidance of physician with 10 years of experience in assisting patients in losing weight with low carbohydrate dieting. Remote monitoring of health data by your MetabolicMD physician and nutritionist is an important part of our program. MetabolicMD also offers unlimited nutritionist contact and support as a routine component of our services to our patients.

Dr. Kolodzik’s therapeutic regimen adheres to the scientifically-proven fact that successful weight loss requires direct reduction in the body’s fat stores. The key to an effective weight loss approach is using stored fat as the body’s primary energy source. For most Americans, based on the largely carbohydrate diet we consume, blood glucose is not maintained in a range low enough to lose weight. Blood glucose then serves as our primary energy source, sometimes 24/7, and we never have the opportunity to burn fat. By limiting carbohydrate intake, blood glucose adjusts to a lower level, fat is burned, and weight is lost. CGM allows constant fine tuning of diet to adjust blood glucose levels downward and promote the use of fat as a primary energy source.

A Unique Medical Weight Loss Program Using the Revolutionary Technology of CGM

After meeting with our physician and being prescribed a Freestyle Libre CGM, weight loss patients have unlimited access to their personal nutritionist. This nutritionist meticulously monitors each patient’s blood glucose data remotely and provides frequent dietary feedback and recommendations. The CGM device approach is complimentary to the following nutritional lifestyle approaches, all of which MetabolicMD supports: Keto, Low Carbohydrate, Low Carbohydrate / High Fat, Atkins, Paleo, Mediterranean, Low Glycemic, and others. Many of these diets allow patients to eat real food, eat until full, and avoid calorie counting (it is possibly in many cases to avoid any calorie restriction). Because some selected foods can be consumed in a nearly unlimited manner, hunger can be avoided, making the CGM MetabolicMD program sustainable long term. With significant weight loss success, many of our patients are also successful at the following: reversing pre-diabetes (some have even reversed diabetes), metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease; lowering insulin resistance; reducing or eliminating sleep apnea; lowering cholesterol, resolving hypertension; reducing GERD symptoms; and decreasing joint pain. With dietary management of blood glucose spikes and plunges (hypoglycemia), this medical weight loss program also improves energy, decreases fatigue, improves mental sharpness, improves sleep patterns, and helps to re-establish optimal hormonal balance.