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MetabolicMD Continuous Glucose Monitoring weight loss center

The MetabolicMD Continuous Glucose Monitoring Weight Loss Center

MetabolicMD is a weight loss center serving patients in Ohio and Indiana that utilizes a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) combined with our physician-supervised low carbohydrate diet to achieve weight loss and improved health. MetabolicMD patients lose weight, but also eliminate many chronic health conditions.

The vast majority of our patients reach their goals and sustain their weight loss. Nearly 100% of our prediabetic patients reverse pre-diabetes completely. Many of our diabetic patients put their diabetes in remission, meaning they are able to come off most or all of their diabetic medications, and their blood glucose is controlled by diet only in a normal range. Many of our patients are able to eliminate hypertension, lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Weight loss and health goals can often be attained without calorie restriction and without experiencing the hunger typical of other diets. Our carefully-formulated, data driven personalized approach offered is nearly universally characterized by both rapid, early weight loss, and long-term weight loss sustainability.

At MetabolicMD, we provide a data driven weight loss program using the technology of CGM to empower patients to meet their weight loss and health goals. Knowing your blood sugar on a continuous basis provides exceptional dieting motivation. We invite patients to lose weight, reverse chronic disease, and feel better with the MetabolicMD CGM program.

What is Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)?

Continuous Glucose Monitoring is the widely-accepted process of measuring blood sugar (blood glucose) nonstop, 24/7, even while you sleep. Though traditionally used to help diabetics monitor their blood glucose, CGM also has great applicability for non-diabetic and pre-diabetic patients who want to lose weight and improve health. The technique uses a tiny electrode placed under the skin which is attached to a small wearable transmitter. The transmitter sends data to a receiver, usually a cell phone. The monitor is self-applied painlessly at home by the user in about five minutes. Once placed it allows a constant reading of blood glucose for a period of 14 days. Data can be remotely monitored by your MetabolicMD program physician and nutritionist. After 14 days, the old electrode/transmitter is discarded and a new one applied.

Continuous glucose monitoring improves energy, reduces fatigue, and aids in permanent weight loss
Achieve permanent weight loss through continuous glucose monitoring




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